Dr. Corrie Hines

Corrie’s Mobile Veterinary Services was born from the desire to truly connect with clients and their pets. We want to be the “family doctor” for your pets, getting to know them and build a solid relationship founded in trust.

Dr. Corrie Hines has been working with animals for 27 years, although much of that time was with wildlife. She continues to work in wildlife rehabilitation, co-founding Twin Harbors Wildlife Center in Montesano. The most important part of veterinary care for Dr. Corrie is connecting with people and their pets, and bringing medical care to those who may not be able to bring their pets to a traditional clinic. When not working, Dr. Corrie enjoys reading, quilting, crocheting, playing with her chickens, goose, and dog, and spending time with her husband.

Kaela DeVore

Kaela has been actively working in veterinary medicine for 7 years now, although she was working with animals long before then. Her mom had worked in various pet care settings (boarding kennels, veterinary clinics, etc) for a majority of her childhood, so she had a lot of exposure to the field. Kaela and her mom also did foster work for years through animal services and hand-raised over 30 kittens. Kaela’s favorite part of working in veterinary medicine is helping others and spending time with their fur babies. She utilizes her patience and care to befriend even the most scared patients. When she isn’t working, Kaela enjoys reading, writing, painting, and spending time with her boyfriend, friends, and family. She is owned by 2 cats (Bucky and Evan) and 1 dog (Vida).